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Real Architects of Society

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Who Are We?

We are NumPy Ninjas. We take immense pride in providing cutting-edge AI technology to our customers and potential clientele by leveraging computing and machine learning.

What Do We Do?

We help over-70-year-old diabetics to go insulin- and medication-free. We assist a mother with a complicated pregnancy deliver a healthy baby. We could work towards increasing a Fortune-500 company increase its profit. We can even help you lose weight or create a digital avatar that can talk just like you when you are long gone.

In short, we push the boundaries of AI and computing to help advance humankind.

Each of our product has been dedicatedly built using hard-earned skills, by working towards a common goal, that has been amped up by our daring attitude.

At NumPy Ninja, we develop solutions and products that are tailored to meet all expectations of our customers. We do this by listening closely (we are women after all!), understanding the need and requirements, and then analyze this information to customize our offering.

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What We Work On

We are trying to reshape the face of global industry—irrespective of the sector—using AI, and mixing and matching different technologies to exceed use-case expectations all around.

Words of our Ninjas

NumPy Ninja has been the place for me to gain confidence. Nothing would have been possible without this. I am happy to be part of NumPy ninja and promise to contribute to its noble mission as much as I could. The encouragement and advice I got here has led me to places I never thought I would go. This definitely has been a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Priyanka Tripathi
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