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About Us

NumPy Ninja is an ever-growing team of highly talented women working with NLP, computer vision, deep learning, data mining and AGI, among others, to innovate products that are relevant—and essential—for all industries around the globe.

We are a group of machine learning engineers, deep learning engineers and software developers working together from our remote locations. We create products that can fortify areas of vulnerability—in any sector—using myriad technologies, including predictive analytics, business intelligence, data warehouse tools and deep learning.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare, worldwide, came into the spotlight. Healthcare, as a sector, had to depend on AI to provide best results. Consequently, the interest and investment in AI has intensified, with a required outcome that will catapult patient experiences by giving them more access to resources as and when they need without the additional involvement of a medical professional.

While all this can be—and is being—done by any other technology firm, we are a class apart. We are all women, and we are all ‘women returnees’ as some may like to call us. Any one of us have had a sabbatical that has lasted anywhere between a year or a decade.


An article by Mint opens with the statistics about Indian companies “actively hiring women returnees” with at least 30% of the entry-level workforce being women. The same article, however, also says that “participation of women in tech starts declining as we move up in the career ladder.”

At NumPy Ninja—also eponymous for the active community of data scientists and developers who are primarily women—we address this issue. As we work on our ground-breaking AI technologies, we actively engage with women who not only have the aptitude, but also the fortitude to make a difference.

As NumPy Ninjas we don’t settle for entry-level. We work towards climbing beyond the glass ceiling.

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