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Some conversations never die. is an ambitious work-in-progress project by NumPy Ninja, that comes to aid the emotional healing of people who have lost their loved ones. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, that saw millions of deaths across the planet, the people left behind, feeling, grieving for the sudden loss of their near and dear ones,, after its completion will enable a person to talk to the person who has passed on, by using historical chats and voice records of the deceased.

Through, we don’t promise to mitigate grief or replace the ones gone forever, but provide a vivid and interactive way to remember them.

The AI system would extract the social data such as images, social media posts, WhatsApp and Telegram messages, voice data and written letters from the chosen individual. The data would then be used to train a chatbot to converse in the personality of the “person specified”. In the case if the chatbot is asked something that the person’s social data cannot provide, the AI would also rely on outside data sources to give informed replies.

Eradicate Diabetes

A different kind of sweet offering.

World Health Organisation in its Global Report on Diabetes states that the was the direct cause of 1.5 million deaths across the world in 2019, of which 48% of all deaths occurred before the age of 70 years. According to the International Diabetes Federation, today there are at least 537 million people across the world living with diabetes.

The federation estimates that by 2045, at least 700 million people worldwide would have this disease. Looking at the alarming rate of diagnosis of the disease, NumPy Ninja has started an initiative called Eradicate Diabetes; a team of data scientists have developed an AI/ML model of dietary interventions to reverse Type 2 diabetes.


Our engineers brought in a slew of NLP and Computer Vision techniques to digitize patient intake and lab reports and prescriptions. This initiative saw a 67% reduction in costs within a sample set of 40,000 patients.

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Eradicate Diabetes
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Mission Humane 

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained.

In July 2021, the second wave of COVID19—in its delta variant form—hit India with such a devastating force, that the country’s healthcare system almost collapsed under its pressure. As the nation braced for the worst, even as the cases surged at an alarming rate, the Indian tech community came together to help combat the wave.

A community of coders, developers, data engineers and entrepreneurs used machine learning and AI technology to create Mission Humane. All in all, about 500 volunteers banded to become part of Mission Humane, and helped combat the deadly second wave on individual use-cases basis using various AI technologies. Apart from that, a sizeable amount of engineering was involved, mainly parsing websites and scraping for freshly updated data.

Core AI technologies at play were NLP (to gather and analyse large amounts of data), Computer Vision and OCR (to process requests in an image format). These were then brought together to detect languages accurately and convey responses accordingly. NumPy Ninja along with several startups from Nasscom Deeptech, came together to create a single point of information on

This was a completely volunteer-driven initiative, capitalizing on the use of AI for specific use-cases in the future; in mass crisis such as the second wave that hit India, data gathering and data scraping was deployed successfully by Mission Humane to help ease the load on the brittle healthcare system.

Thanks to Mission Humane, nearly 500,000 people were able to connect through different platforms to utilize all resources available in small localized areas.

Mission Humane 
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