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A Beginners guide on Scrum and its Ceremonies

Let’s begin with understanding what is?

> Scrum: is a management framework that team uses to self-organize and work towards common goal.

> Sprint: is a short time boxed period wherein scrum team works to complete set of work defined at the beginning of the sprint.

> Scrum team: it consists of Product owner, Development team and Scrum master.


> Sprint Planning: it is a kickoff event to begin the sprint. It is a meeting wherein the product owner explains what the high value user story to the team are and then it is broken into small work items to see how it can be achieved to meet the sprint goal. Sprint Planning session should not last for more than 2-3 hrs.

> Daily Scrum (Stand up): it is an daily event which is essential to discuss current Sprint progress. it also throws light on what work did the team do yesterday, what work the team will do today and is there any impediments? This daily meeting should be limited to 15 min.

> Sprint Review: During this meeting the Product owner demonstrates the workable product to the stakeholders and explains the number of tasks completed vs not completed during the sprint. The team also assess whether they met their goal and how to improve the delivery of the product based on the stakeholder feedback. The Review meeting lasts for an hour.

> Sprint Retrospective: is an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvement before the end of the next sprint. It mainly focuses on 3 factors:

What went right?

What went wrong?

What is there to improve?

Conclusion: Scrum Ceremonies are a grate way to move fast and change quickly needed on working on a project. It builds teamwork, collaboration, sets expectation, empower team to work effectively and meet the goal.

I hope the reader who is new to the Numpy Ninja family finds it easy to understand in a simple way though it doesn’t emphasis on detailed explanation. Please appreciate with your comments and claps for my first mini blog.

Thanking you all 😊

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