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API testing using POSTMAN

Hello everyone, I am first time to write a blog ,this blog is all about some information about API and step by step installation of POSTMAN tool by taking simple example to execute calculator API. Hope this information is useful to all of us.

API means Application Programming Interface ,it acts as an interface between two software applications and allows the two software applications to communicate with each other. For example: Calculator API service is a one stop solution for math operations; it takes numbers as an input and provides math result for various operations such as addition, multiplication, division, subtraction etc...

API it is just a logic that developer has written it and now being a software tester we are testing it and verifying that whatever the business logic was there it is meeting the expectation or not ,so this is called as API testing.

Layers in a Software Application

Lets see how to import WSDL(Web Service Description Language) of a SOAP webservice using POSTMAN

Get the URL of the WSDL file.

Next step is to install POSTMAN in the laptop.

Download the latest POSTMAN version . Its available for windows, MAC and Linux user . Select and run the .exe file to get installed in the system.

If needed create an account and login to POSTMAN tool.

Click Import .

select the link option and provide WSDL link, click on continue button.

WSDL file will be imported, click Import.

After importing, you will be able to see two folder CalculatorSoap and CalculatorSoap12.

Open any operation from the calculator collection and insert values, click on send and see the response.

POST is a common HTTP method it enables you to add data to an existing file in a server.

This blog gives insight on how to work with POSTMAN tool ,still many important things to learn about API testing.

Thank you

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