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AppExchange - A Salesforce Marketplace

AppExchange is an official Salesforce app marketplace. It has Solutions and consultants listed

This marketplace offers innovation, extension and connection. To meet the tight deadlines or resources where building a solution from scratch is not feasible, searching this marketplace would definitely be a good idea. It is also a great place to search for some inspiration when you are looking for ideas or for the third party apps that needs to be integrated in the product you are developing. Because it is official app marketplace by Salesforce, the trust and transparency are already taken care of.

Logging in with your unified profile across the Salesforce i.e. , get the recommendations specific to your needs. Use search feature to find that solution you need and use the filters for more specific app, or just browse through the collections listed to find the solutions that improves the efficiency. With the Salesforce AI powered backend magic i.e. Einstein, the apps spotlighted on your browser would definitely be some solutions you need at the point of browsing. Take advantage of free trails offered to understand better if that is a solution you are looking for.

AppExchange has evolved far beyond apps, It is a marketplace for Consultants, flow solutions, components and bolt solutions. Collectively these solutions span just about every industry, department and line of business , however, they do have some things in common. They extend the salesforce functionality and accelerate solution development. these run on the salesforce platform and can be distributed to others.

Salesforce apps Apps allow you to do things with Salesforce that aren’t supported out of the box, such as automating customer billing and generating contracts. A salesforce app is a ready-to-install collection of items that work together to serve a particular function, some are packed full while others are lean.

Components are building blocks that you can put together to build bigger things, such as apps. They come in handy when you do not need the whole application, but just a piece of functionality to make your product more useful. Here are a few examples of the components.

  • Track Salesforce logins and feature usage.

  • Automatically manage email opt-outs.

  • Kick off processes.

  • Find and merge duplicate records across all Salesforce objects.

  • Add a calendar to a page.

Bolt Solutions are industry specific complete solutions , which are ready to be deployed. Here are some examples as to what they can do

  • Deliver a complete customer onboarding experience.

  • Jumpstart the creation of a community or website that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM.

  • Create a portal for franchisees to access the latest version of logos and other brand assets.

Lightning data connects your Salesforce org to a data feed and automatically enriches your CRM data. these solutions provides an automatic and perpetual connection between your org and a third-party data feed. This ensures that all of your data is as current as possible. Lightning Data can be used to power critical business processes such as:

  • Market analysis and go-to-market strategy.

  • Lead scoring and routing.

  • Marketing segmentation, especially in account-based marketing (ABM).

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and Einstein features.

To automate business process, the AppExchange also have flow solutions. Flow Solution is an umbrella for two types of solutions which are Flow actions: Stand-alone elements that add functionality to process flows and

Flow templates: Prebuilt, end-to-end, configurable, business processes tailored to match specific industry use cases

All AppExchange solutions are easy to install, seamless to set up, peer reviewed and tested for security.


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