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An approval process is an automated process in the organization that helps to approve/reject records in Salesforce.

  • An approval process specifies the steps necessary for a record to be approved and who must approve it at each step.

  • An approval process also specifies the actions to take when a record is approved, rejected, recalled, or first submitted for approval.

Types of Approval Process

Jump Start Wizard

  • The Jump Start wizard creates a one-step approval process for you in just a few minutes

  • The jump start wizard is useful for simple approval processes with a single step.

  • Use the jump start wizard if you want to create an approval process quickly by allowing Salesforce to automatically choose some default options for you.

Standard Wizard

  • The standard wizard is useful for complex approval processes.

  • Use it when you want to fine tune the steps in your approval process.

  • The standard wizard consists of a setup wizard that allows you to define your process and another setup wizard that allows you to define each step in the process.

Approval Process Terms

  • Process Definition Detail – Approval Process Header level details like name, email template etc.

  • Initial Submission Actions – It will be executed when the user clicks on ‘Submit for Approval’ on the object record.

  • Approval Steps – Details of Steps criteria and the approvers

  • Final Approval Actions – It will be executed after all the approval process steps have been approved.

  • Final Rejection Actions – It will be executed if one of the approval process steps have been rejected.

  • Recall Actions – It will be executed if one of the approval process steps have been recalled.

Approval Actions

  • Task – If a task is selected then the user can insert a task for a record so for our example on Opportunity once the approval process has been approved/rejected.

  • Email Alert – If an Email Alert is selected then the user will be notified via email once the approval process has been approved/rejected.

  • Field Update – You have already seen an example in the above but again, the system will update the field to the mentioned value once the approval process has been approved/rejected.

  • Outbound Message – This will help notify 3rd Party systems. Think for a scenario where you want to notify the backend system or provisioning system on the approval results so for example once orders are approved start generating the bills then this will help you to achieve the requirement.

Scenario to Build the Approval Process

Creation of the Approval Process in LMS wherein whenever the Student wants to change the Program then it has to be Approved by the Manager or the Senior Manager.

i)Setup -> Create -> Workflow and Approval -> Approval Process.

ii) For Manage Approval Processes , select Student Object, as we are creating Approvals for the Student.And use the Jump Start Wizard to create the Approval Process

iii) Now Name it as "Manager Approval For Program Change".Unique name is automatically taken.

iv) This is a Custom Field with the Data type as Checkbox and is available in the Student Object.

iv) Specify the Criteria.Here select the Custom Field "Student: Change the Program "Operators equals True"

That means the criteria is if the Student wants to change the program then the field has to be updated a tick(or check) on the Check box which is true so this is the condition which has to be fulfilled to progress with the Approval process.

v) This step is Selection of Who the Approver is.Here are the options for the admin wherein who has to Approve the task. It could be either the Student can select the Approver or It can be assign in queue or Automatically assign to a Manager.

For Now let us Select the User Option.

vi) Save the approval process. Click View Approval Process Detail Page.

vii)Under Final Approval Actions, click Add New,Field Update, and configure it with these values.

viii)Under Final Rejection Actions, click Add New select Field Update update the following as below

ix)Save the Approval Process and do Activate it

Testing the Approval Process

Go to Student object check the field "Change the Program" and save it.Once saved that click on the drop down on the right.Select Submit for Approval.

The below page is display and write a Comment in this Section and Submit it.

Now login as a User to verify whether the record has been received for the approval.

Below is the screenshot wherein the User has received the record for Approval.

Screenshot displaying whether the record has to be Approve/Reject/Reassign it to next user.

Once the Student record is Approved.When we go to student object in the Related list we can see the Approval History.

This is one of the simple scenario for the Approval Process.

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