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Automate Pagination Using Selenium Java


Pagination is a common feature on websites and web applications that display large sets of data. It allows users to navigate through data in smaller, manageable chunks, enhancing user experience and performance. In this blog post, we'll explore how to automate pagination using Selenium in Java. Selenium is a popular tool for automating web interactions, making it an ideal choice for testing and automating tasks involving pagination.

I had a scenario of Pagination testing in one of our Selenuim UI testing projects. We will go over how I went about automating the various pagination components.

Below is the screenshot of the the pagination component that we had to test.

In the above pagination component we had the below validations to be performed, this would be similar for any other pagination component

  • The footer has the total list of rows that this pagination holds "In Total there are X programs" - by extracting the X (integer) . In this example X = 4557 .

  • From this text "Showing Y to Z of X entries" , if we extract X,Y and Z , In this example X = 4557 , Y = 1 and Z = 5 . Then if we divide X (total number of rows) by the maximum rows in a page (in this case 5), we would get to know the total number of pages (totalNumberOfPages). In this example totalNumberOfPages = 4557 / 5 = 912 .

  • We would know how many times we need to click on the ">" component, that is the totalNumberOfPages times. In this example 912 times This could be run in a for loop (sample code shared below)

  • We would need to click ">>" component totalNumberOfPages / Maximum no of pages shown in a screen (5 in this case) times In this example 912 / 5 = 183 times This could be run in a for loop (sample code shared below)

  • Once we reach the last page , we need to check if ">" and ">>" components are disabled.

  • Similarly we need to reach the last page and test if "<" and "<<" components are working , and gets disabled once we reach the first page.

Code Snippets for reference


Automating pagination using Selenium in Java can help streamline tasks and testing on websites with paginated content. With Selenium's capabilities, you can easily navigate through pages, extract data, and perform actions as needed. This automation can save time and ensure that your web application functions correctly across various pages of data.

Happy Learning !!!

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