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SoapUI is a testing tool used for manual and automation testing of SOAP and REST API's.

We can create a complete framework for API testing

Here is an example using calculator WSDL. The URL for this WSDL can be found in Google.

WSDL is basically an XML document containing details about web service and API requests

To create the Calculator project, click on the SOAP from the menu which opens the New SOAP Project window as shown below. In this window, paste the URL in the “Initial WSDL:” field and the Project Name gets auto filled.

You will find the calculator project and all API ’s as shown below.

When we go to the first Request for Add operation, the below window opens up.Here we can provide the inputs as integer values replacing the ‘?’.

After entering the values, press the green arrow on the top left to get the response as shown below(in XML)

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