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Bug Reporting

What is a Bug?

Bug is software related and natural outcome of software product.

Types of Bugs

· Visual

· Functional

· Performance


Truncated Images. Alignment of web elements is not correct.


Check for the main functionality of the website. Look for the broken links or Links are not navigating to the next page.


How much time it taking to open the page We have to look for

How to write a bug?

When we find an issue with the browser its time to write a bug.

Bug should be self-explanatory and it should be as simple as possible.

Finding Bug is one thing but documenting is very important. Bug reporting demonstrates a development issue and

gives developers to start fixing it.

Rather than writing n number of pages report we should write as what we discover but in simpler form more focused report is much better.

By seeing the priority and project growth we can select what testers should work on .

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