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Buttons,Tooltip,Dynamic charts everything in Power BI dashboard.

When i was working in Power BI i came up with a large number of insights, so i wanted to create a multiple charts in the same dashboard that too a dynamic one. There i came across Buttons and Tooltip option. With Button we can create environment where users can hover, click and further interact with Power BI content. Tooltip is a short informative message that appears when we hover over the visuals. This could be either default or customized. Without further delay let us get into Power BI and explore all these options.

Here i am using movies data set which i downloaded from Kaggle. Let us first load the data set in Power BI.

To create Buttons go to Insert option in the ribbon. We can find so many options in Buttons. Here i am using Blank Buttons.

Insert → Buttons → Blank

Once we click the Blank option available in Buttons, A Blank rectangular button shaped box appears in the top left corner of the Power BI window. We can drag and drop the button where ever we want. And the size of the buttons can also be adjustable.

Here i give a title to the buttons. For that just click the button and go to Format Panel available in the right side.

Format → Button → Style → Text

Enable the Text option and give your desired text. I am giving the text as Gross Income. And we could also change the size, Font and alignment of the text.

We could use this button to navigate to other page or could display the visual when we hover over the button.

First we see how to navigate to other page when we click on the button. For that i have created a bar chart in a new page explicate sum of gross income for movies and series.

For Page navigation click on the button and go to format option in the right side.

Format → Button → Action

Enable Action and Tooltip option over there. In action, select Type as Page navigation and select the desired page that displays under Destination.

When i ctrl+click on the button, this will navigate to the destination page.

How to display the chart in the same page when we hover over the button?

To achieve that we need to follow few simple steps.

Step 1 : Open a new page. Go to

Visualization Panel →Format your report page →Page information → allow use as tooltip.

Step 2 : Create a desired visualization which we want to show while hover over the button. Here i am using the same bar chart which i created for movies/series wise sum of gross income.

Step 3 : Go to the main page where we have button. In visualization panel select Card. To edit this card we need to create a dummy measure.

Step 4 : Using New measure option in the ribbon create a dummy measure.

Step 5 : Drag and drop the created dummy measure in the card.

Step 6 : Go to Formal visual and disable the category label.

Step 7 : Go to General and enable Tooltips.

Step 8 : In Tooltip Options select Report Page in Type and the tooltip page we created in Page.

Now resize the card size and put it inside the button. As it is white in color, the card will not be visible after we put it inside. When we hover over the button we can see the visualization in the same page.

Using Buttons and Tooltip option we can save more space in our dashboard and make it more interactive. Hopefully this blog helps you to explore these wonderful features available in Power BI. Happy Reading!!!

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