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The process of applying to and being accepted into college may be difficult and overwhelming for both students and their parents. There is a great deal of uncertainty over which colleges to apply to and what the acceptance rates are for each particular college. To decipher this process I decided to investigate USA college data. This dataset was obtained from Kaggle by me.

I began by classifying the institutions based on whether or not they were public or private, as well as the number of students from each state that applied to public and private institutions, as well as the state with the highest total number of applications.

The above data enabled me to calculate the total number of applications to public universities in California. There were 409,055 students who submitted applications to four-year public universities in California; this is the highest number of applications received compared to those received from any other state.

My investigation into the process of getting into colleges in California began at this point. I chose some of California's institutions to research, and using the data that was provided to me, I determined the average SAT score needed to gain admission to those schools. Even though the SAT is not required in California and a few other states, those jurisdictions would still appreciate it if you would submit your score.

It is evident from these findings that students with SAT scores as low as 940 are able to gain admission to colleges, whereas students who wish to attend higher-ranked universities such as UCLA or UCB need scores that are higher than 1450.

The data presented in this Donut chart reveals that 847,284 individuals submitted applications to various California universities. The numbers illustrate which universities received the most and fewest applications from prospective students.

The very last thing that needs to be determined is how many new students finally enrolled in the institution.

It can be seen from this line graph that UCLA has the highest number of students enrolled.

students can improve their chances of choosing a college that is a good fit for their objectives and aspirations if they are willing to invest time and energy into each step of the process. Keep in mind that the process of applying to colleges is not just about getting into a college; it is also about selecting the school that is the best fit for your future. Enjoy the experience, don't change who you are, and make the most of the chance to forge a successful and gratifying academic route.

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