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ERROR: syntax error at or near " "

Cause: Syntax is incorrect. You may be missing commas, bracket or semi-colon

Fix: Please check your code. Generally, error will show you line number where the issue is which can be easily resolved.

ERROR: syntax error at or near "grant"

Cause: “Grant” is a reserved keyword in PostgreSQL

Fix: Since “grant” is a reserved word in PostgreSQL, it should be written in quotes like “grant”. Reserved key words, such as “grant”, are never allowed as identifiers. Most reserved tokens are not allowed as column or table names, but may be allowed as an “AS” column label name.

ERROR: cannot drop table table_name because other objects depend on it

Cause: table_name has dependent child tables

Fix: First drop the dependent tables in order to drop the parent table

“Role does not exist”

Cause: It occurs when connecting to PostgreSQL using a user name that does not exist. The full error message usually states something similar to “FATAL: role “username” does not exist”.

Fix : Please make sure you have logged in to the correct user. If the user does not exist yet, create the user account on the PostgreSQL database. You should now be able to connect to PostgreSQL.

ERROR: invalid input syntax for type numeric: "b" at character 26

Cause: The error occurs when the user attempts to insert a value that does not match the column type.

Fix: Please check the datatype of column you are entering value into. If the problem is not caused by an attempt to enter a faulty, it may be an application side error that needs to be solved by the developer.


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