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Connecting Power BI to Google Sheets from your local machine-Easy

You might know how to connect data through the web browser. This way you can connect to any dataset which is available online. Some of the trusted resources are

  1. Kaggle.

  2. Data.Gov


  4. UCI Machine Learning Repository.

  5. Earth Data.

  6. CERN Open Data Portal.

  7. Global Health Observatory Data Repository.

There are many more places you can get free data, you can search data of your own interest as well. Try these links Google Dataset Search Earth Data We can easily connect any data to power BI using using “Get data ” and select “Web”. It is very easy.

Now we will see how to get data from Google sheet from your local machine. This Google sheet owner could be any one. If it is your own Google sheet or someone who shared with you, it should be available to ‘View’. let’s see step by step Step 1: Publish your Google Sheets as a web page

  1. First you must share the document. Choose “Anyone with the link can VIEW”

  2. Then in the menu choose “File” => “Publish to the web”. You will see something like this on your screen.

3. Click on “Publish”

4.Click “ok”. You will see something like this on your screen.

5.Select “Entire document” from dropdown button and from “ Web page” drop down select the format you want. Here I selected “Microsoft Excel(.xlsx)” . “Entire document” It will be there by default if not select as per your requirements. 6. Copy the URL link below these two boxes and paste it in Power BI , follow the instructions as mentioned in Step 2 .

Step 2: Enter the data into Power BI Observe that you need to use Power BI Desktop, and NOT the Power BI web interface.

  1. Open Power BI Desktop and click on “Get data”

  2. There will be a big list choose “Web” as source.

  3. In the dialogue box, paste the link copied from Google Sheets

4. click “ok” and you will see something like this

5. Select the check boxes which are showing sheet names. You can select single or multiple sheets from here. 6.Now you are ready to load your data .

7.Go to Data pane and check the data. 8.Now you can manipulate your data and get insights. This is very simple way to load data. Now you can create your own google sheet and get insights from your own data. you can try your monthly expenses, you can document you Child’s daily time spending and see how you can manage time, where most of the time is spending. Similar way you can have track on how much water you are drinking in a day, week, month etc. In addition to this you can see positive effect of drinking water. Sky is the limit .We can do analysis on our daily life and can solve some problems or get some other views that we never realized before. Data data, data everywhere….

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