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Create a Enclosed Dot Plot

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In this tip, we will see how to create an enclosed dot plot, which is essentially a dot plot that is enclosed by a line. It's very similar to a barbell chart except the line connecting the dots surrounds to dots. We are taking the Superstore dataset for plotting our chart.

Step 1:

Connect to Superstore dataset through Data Source.

Step 2:

Drag Sub-Category on to row and Sum(Sales) on the Columns. Then convert them to Dimensions and then drag Region on Colors

Step 3:

Perform below series of steps to create dual charts for the sum(Sales)

  • convert chart type from automatic to circle for the Sum(sales) measure

  • make a duplicate value Sum (sales) onto rows

  • convert chart type from automatic to line for the Sum(sales)(2) measure

  • lastly, for Sum (sales)(2) drag Region onto the Path

Step 4:

Synchronize 2 charts using dual axis as below

  • right click on Sum(sales) to make Dual Axis to merge one chart

  • right click on bottom axis of Sum(sales) to synchronize the axis

  • right click on bottom axis and then click on "Move marks to front"

Step 5:

Show all values including zero by right clicking on bottom axis and then click on Edit Axis to uncheck include zero

Step 6:

Hide headers by right clicking on top axis and do uncheck show header

Step 7:

Perform below formatting steps to show as enclosed dot plot chart

  • go back to Marks card, go to Sum (sales) (2) and then increase the size of line that surrounds the circle

  • change the orientation to Fit Height and adjust the view for best fit.

Step 8:

This is how the enclosed data plot chart look a like.

Happy to share my first blog :)

Happy Analyzing.....

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Kamalika Barua
Kamalika Barua
Mar 07, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Excellent article

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