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Create Maps that Show Profit Ratio or Aggregated Data in Tableau

  •     Create a sheet and name it as Profit Ratio Geography.

  •     In the Data Pane, Use drop down menu to create a new calculated field called Profit-Ratio.

    Calculated Field Appear in the data pane,




  • To create map, Select State then holding ctrl key select Profit-Ratio created, then click on map showing in the show me.





  •     Drag States Field into Label to show state name in the Map.

  •     Move the cursor over the map, In the tooltip it shows Profit Ratio in numbers by default, then change it to percentage. In the marks card, select the context menu for Profit Ratio and Select Format and in the pane click on the Numbers drop down option and select percentage and decimal to 1.







  •    The Tooltip shows the applied number formatting.

  • Within the marks card, click on Color, select edit color and adjust the color palette of the map.






  •    After selecting color, use stepped color to group values into uniform bins of color. Use the advanced settings to set the endpoint values for the palette.








  • The Legends reflect the color settings on the right high corner of data pane.

  • Focus on the data by filtering, one method of filtering is Drag Region to the filters shelf




  • Use show filter option to show filters interactive.

  • Adjust the filter card settings to control the filter

         appearance to single value drop down.


  •       Then use show filter option for AGG(profit ratio) in the marks shelf for interactive filter.






Map: Profit Ratio by Geography.


Using Tableau we can easily find profit and loss State wise using calculated fields and map features. And show filters help end users to change the region and pull the profit % to see the results.


Thank you for reading this blog!


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