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Cross Browser Testing in Selenium

Cross Browser Testing is used to test a website in multiple browsers like Edge, Chrome, and Firefox to check its efficiency across each browser. Cross-browser compatibility is the ability of the web application to function on different browsers and operating systems.

Cross Browser can be done manually too but sometimes issues are cropped out because of human error and it is very tiresome and monotonous to run on different browsers. All this can be avoided by Automating the test using Selenium.

Cross Browser compatibility testing helps Web Developers by pinpointing browser-specific compatibility errors so they can be debugged quickly. It helps to confirm that a site is available to a wide range of audiences.

How to perform cross Browser testing in Selenium?

Step 1: Test cases can be automated using Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari browsers with the help of Selenium WebDriver.

Step 2: To execute test cases with different browsers at the same time on the same machine. A TestNG Framework is integrated with Selenium WebDriver.

Step 2a: Add TestNG Library to Config build path.

Step2b: Add Dependencies to POM.XML

Step 2c: Small Code to demonstrate how to open a website in different browsers. With the Website

The code above tries to access the amazon page through three different browsers by setting the system properties of the respective browsers with the browser engine and path of the browser, then initializing the object of the browser engine to provide a link between the browser and test case, then instantiate the object of the browser engine to perform automated Selenium Testing.

Step 2d: Now to run the test cases, Let's write the testng.xml file.

In this XML file, the code specifies different classes for the drivers to instantiate the browsers to execute the test cases on the website.

Now you are ready for cross-browser testing.

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May 05, 2022

Good info. Thanks for sharing!

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