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Custom Color Palette in Tableau

Imagine you have to build a dashboard in Tableau for your company ,for that you have company logo and you want to apply colors from company logo to your dashboard. Take this logo of NumPy Ninja for example :

Now if we want Same color as in this logo we

have to pick that color in paint and then add

that to our Tableau color palette.

You can pick a color from MS-Paint software with the help of Color-picker tool as shown in the pic below .

--Picking a screen color.

Once you have landed on your colors and have your hex codes selected for your color palette, you put them into the Preferences file in your Tableau Repository following these steps.

You will find Tableau Repository :

This file looks like :

<?xml version='1.0'?>



This XML code gives us the flexibility to add our own color palettes.

We can add our code in between <preferences> </preferences> section .

You have three options for different types of color palettes;

  1. Normal (each color is its own standalone value).

  2. Diverging (think negative to positive i.e. red to green).

  3. Sequential (think like a spectrum i.e. light blue to dark blue).

Here’s what the code looks like for a normal palette:

<color-palette name="Ninja Single Palette" type="regular" >

Here’s what the code looks like for a diverging palette:

<color-palette name="Ninja Diverging Palette 2" type="ordered-diverging" >

Here’s what the code looks like for a sequential palette:

<color-palette name="Ninja Sequential Palette 2" type="ordered-sequential" >

You can put any number of hex code of color in any number of color-palette. Here’s what the color palette looks like when it’s all put together:

After saving this notepad file you have to restart your Tableau .

These color-palette looks like as:

Conclusion : So here we discuss "how to customized color-palette in Tableau " and add colors according to our preferences.

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