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Data Analytics in Healthcare

Healthcare, the most important aspect of Human life has to be efficient every day, Data analysis process involves inspection, filtration or cleaning, transforming and modelling of data to extract useful information that helps in reaching conclusions and decision making. Data analysis can be applied in all aspects of healthcare, from patient care to operations management.

Improving Clinical care:

Data analysis is used to

- Track appointments based on treatment plans

- Reduce patient’s wait time

- providing various options while scheduling appointments.

- Evaluating health records, processing billing, tracking admission and discharge and even the satisfaction surveys.

Enhancing disease prevention:

The goal of healthcare data analysis is to analyze

- Disease pattern, its symptoms and Disease outbreaks.

- Faster development of accurate vaccines.

- Researching cures

Measuring effectiveness of different treatment options:

The research helps in

- Predicting personalized Healthcare provisions and treatments

- Quick and accurate treatment options

- Insights into the cause of the disease by linking factors and outcomes

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