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Five Important Features of Tableau

1. Informative Dashboard – Dashboard is Management tool which allows information to be numerical, Text, to be represented in a Dashboard.

There are 3 Types of Dash board –

1. Operational Dashboard

2. Analytical Dashboard

3. Strategic Dashboard

2. Data Visualization – Data Visualization is Showing Data and Information by showing graphic and Map and Charts

3. Easy Sharing and Collaboration – Tableau provide easier way for user to communicate with one and other and easy exchange data by the form of map, graph, Chart.

4. Advanced Visual Features- Tableau wide range of visual feature is primary key. tableau offer as simple as Pie chart and bar chart to most complex visual features like bullet chart ,Tree Map, Word Cloud, Regular expression, ETC

5. Mobile Friendly App – Tableau knows the importance of Mobile friendly user in today’s generation. Dashboard and reports can be created in mobile version app. Tableau allows you to add new phone layouts as per mobile device. The conclusion Tableau provide users with a great flexibility and convenience while you are move.

Conclusion – Tableau is Great website which comes with various tools which makes user easy to understand and with help of data, graph, Map its provide great deals to Marketing, Sales firm.

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