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Generate Cucumber Extent Report in PDF

I was asked to generate Extent report in PDF format so that it can be shared with leads/other teams for review and further action. In order to generate the Extent report in PDF format, all you have to do is, in the file, set the following values.


This will generate the Extent report in PDF format and it will be available in the location mentioned in the extent.reporter.pdf.out property.

For example:

This report has six sections – dashboard, summary, tags, features, scenarios, and detailed sections.

Dashboard that summarizes our test run. This one has the report title, duration, and status of breakups.

Summary provides an overview of the test run which has a feature breakdown, duration, scenario count, and step count. The scenarios and steps are divided into status counts.

Tags will show an overview of the test run includes tag breakdown, comprising feature count and scenario count.

Feature will describe the feature details with a stacked bar chart and a table of the scenario status and duration

Scenario will describe the scenario details with a stacked bar chart and a table of the step status and duration.

Detailed section will show us the details of individual steps along with status and duration.

It also contains step/Hook Details and screenshot the failed scenarios

That's all!!!

Enjoy Learning!!!

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