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Gherkin Language: Format, Syntax and Examples

What is Gherkin Language? Gherkin is a business decipherable language which assists you with depicting business conduct without going into subtleties of execution. It is a space explicit language for characterizing tests in Cucumber design for details. It utilizes plain language to portray use cases and permits clients to eliminate rationale subtleties from conduct tests. Gherkin Syntax Gherkin is line-situated language . Each line called step and starts with catchphrase and end of the terminals with a stop. Tab or space are utilized for the space. Gherkin Syntax look like this: Feature : Title of the Scenario Given [precondition] when[event] Then [Expected output] The main keywords in Gherkin are:

  • feature

  • Background

  • Scenario

  • Given

  • When

  • Then

  • And/But

  • Scenario Outline Examples

Now, lets talk about each keyword form the Gherkin syntax. Feature: The record ought to have augmentation .highlight and each element document ought to have just one component. The component catchphrase being with the Feature: and after that add, a space and name of the element will be composed. Background: Foundation watchword assists you with adding some setting to the situation. It can contain a few stages of the situation, however the lone distinction is that it ought to be run before every situation. Given: The utilization of Given catchphrase is to placed the framework in a natural state before the client begins cooperating with the framework. Notwithstanding, you can preclude composing client associations in Given advances whenever Given in the "Precondition" step. When: At the point when the progression is to characterize activity performed by the client. Then: The use of 'then' keyword is to see the outcome after the action in when step. However, you can only verify noticeable changes. And/But: You may have multiple given when or Then. Scenario: Each element record may have various situations, and every situation begins with Scenario: trailed by situation name.

Examples: Function : Buy a product from Amazon shopping 1 Scenario: open a amazon website Given i m on a homepage When click on search page Then write the product on search page 2 Scenario : find a product Given: search a product When : I need the product Then: product is on the page 3 Scenario : check the reviews Then : read the reviews 4 Scenario : Add to the cart Given : I am on the product page When :click on the add to cart button Then: product add in the cart 5 Scenario : check the address Given : product is in cart When : write the address Then : display the address 6 Scenario : address not correct Given : product is in the cart When : wrong address Then : not received a product 7 Scenario: go to the payment option Given: product is in the cart When: click to the payment option Then : payment page display 8 Scenario : valid payment information Given : product is in the cart When : submit valid information Then : payment information show 9 scenario: not valid payment information Given : product is in the cart When : put invalid information Then : invalid information display 10 scenario : submit payment information Given : on the payment page with product When: submit payment information Then : display message “ Thanks for ordering” 11 Scenario : submit invalid payment information Given : payment page with product When : Invalid payment information Then : display message “ order now confirmed" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Function : why buy a new laptop or used laptop 1. Scenario: when to buy a new laptop Given : search a new laptop when: laptop not starting Then : Buy a new laptop 2 Scenario: attend the training Given : attend online training when : need laptop to attend the training Then : Buy new laptop or used laptop 3 Scenario : For Kids online school Given : choose a laptop When : When : kids join online school Then :kid start online school 4 Scenario : laptop is outdated Given: search a new advance laptop When : laptop is not perform well then : buy a new laptop 5 Scenario : For home use Given : search a new laptop when : need a laptop for browsing then : browsing start 6 Scenario : for business use Given :search a laptop when : need in my business Then business start 7 Scenario : for my employee Given search a laptop when: give laptop to my employee for work then : employee start working 8 scenario : give gift to my son new laptop Given : something special When: his birthday Then : he is ☺ 9 Scenario : buy a old laptop Given :chevk a old laptop 'when :not afford a new laptop then : buy old laptop --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Function : Planning vacation 1 scenario: choose place were kids want to go for vacations Given : search a place when : kids want to go for vacation then: decide a place 2 Scenario : Plan a road trip Given : check the best route when : air tickets not affordable Then : plan the road trip 3 Scenario : plan to go in cruise Given : find the best cruise when : want water travel then: enjoy and fun in cruise 4 Scenario : plan to go by air Given: choose a best airline when : save some time then : spend more time in vacations 5 Scenario : plan to go Disneyland Given : choose a theme parks when: kids wants to go Disneyland then : kids enjoy rides 6 scenario : time period for vacation Given: Decide a date And days for vacation when: in holidays Then: fix days 7 Scenario : Book a Ticket Given : check a ticket when: have a money Then: book a ticket 8 Scenario : Book a hotel or Resort Given: check available hotels when: need hotel Then: finalize a hotel 9 Scenario : train travel Given : check train travel when : cant afford air price Then : finalize a best train -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Function :login a facebook 1 scenario: login a facebook Given : I m on home page when: want to enter my credantials then: login into the facebook 2. Scenario: not login into facebook Given : I m on homepage when: put a wrong userid Then: show ‘user id is wrong’ 3 Scenario : login a facebook Given : I m on facebbok page When :I want to check the reviews when : put a correct password then: page open 4 Scenario: Forgot userid Given: I m on facebook website when : click forgot userid then : sent to email 5 scenario : forgot password given : open a favebook website when: click forgot password then: password sent to email 6 Scenario : not login facebook Given : open a facebook page when: put a wrong password then :show ‘password is not correct’

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