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How AWS Textract & AWS Rekognition can be Useful?

What is AWS Textract?

Amazon Textract makes it easy to add document text detection and analysis to your applications. The Amazon Textract Text Detection API can detect typed and handwritten text in a variety of documents including financial reports, medical records, and tax forms. For documents with structured data, you can use the Amazon Textract Document Analysis API to extract text, forms, and tables.

AWS service that was created as a purpose-built this solution to the problem of OCR (optical character recognition) in images of documents and PDFs.Currently .

  • Easy Setup with AWS Services: Setting up Textract with another AWS service is an easy task compared to other providers.

  • Security: Amazon Textract conforms to the AWS shared responsibility model, which includes proper guidelines for data protection.

  • AWS is Responsible for protecting the global infrastructure that runs all the AWS services,therefore we need not worry about our data being leaked or used by any others.

  • Amazon Textract uses artificial intelligence to readable by humans, extracting text, layouts, tables, forms, and structured data with context and without configuration, training, or custom code.

  • Easily extract text and data from virtually any document using Amazon Textract.

  • Textract goes beyond simple optical character recognition (OCR) to also identify the contents of fields in forms and information stored in tables.

What is AWS Rekognition ?

Amazon Rekognition is widely used in our organization for image-related projects. It is used for image processing and image classification. It is also used for object detection projects.Video processing and analysis is mainly done using Amazon Rekognition & Natural language processing projects and facial recognition is being done using AWS Rekognition.


Amazon Textract is a new,While Rekognition is a more generalized computer vision service, if all we are trying to do is detect text and the relevant metadata (coordinates, angle, confidence value), the Rekognition DetectText method will likely perform similarly to the equivalent analyze_document method , however Textract offers further semantic structuring that helps with textcuration/formatting that abstracts other forms of post-processing of data ,

With respect to end-to-end problem solving, Textract will do extraction of data and it is more fully featured for OCR and helps in Handwriting Recognition & Text Extraction.

● Amazon Rekognition helpful in facial search

●Mainly AWS Rekognition is applicable for face detection and analysis & makes content searchable .


Best usage of AWS Textract or AWS Rekognition is very useful Depending upon various factors such as Budget, Requirements of the Related projects and user must have Basic knowledge about particular service.

AWS Textrat useful if we prefer to use for extraction of data from documents/pdf. Apart from performing OCR(Optical Character Recognition), it will extracts key/value pair & table data from it.

AWS Rekognition is also provides highly accurate facial analysis, comparison & wide variety of use cases including user verification.

So, What do you think about AWS Textract & AWS Rekognition???


Happy Learning!

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