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How determined a woman can be?

My great grand mother had a habit of doing something creative in everything she did. Back in India, those days they did not have big sources to learn other than other human beings. The families were big, 30 people in a house is very common. Motivation, feedback from others happened inside the house. Ofcourse there were many challenges and impressing a person is not easy at all. But a positive approach would have been, what new can i learn/do today (growth mindset) ? will people in the house like it (clients) ? will my suggestions be valuable to the house (acceptance) ?

There are always soceity/family hinderances around women everywhere. And sometimes it helps. Women get clear on what they are fighting against and what they need. Determination is about the word 'success'. Some people define success as money, rich people define success as peace. Women now should bravely agree "Anything is possible", and define their own success. Determining the right proportion of all the roles they take and acquiring the factors they need to satisfy themselves is "Success" and nothing else. Learning people are determined people like my great grand mother and I wanted to be one like her.

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