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How to add hyperlinks to your worksheet in Tableau

This short blog will describe how you can add a link to your Tableau tooltips so that, when we click on it, a new browser tab will be opened. This helps the user to see more details on the data.


  1. I am using Tableau public for creating this workbook

  2. The dataset used for this is sample-superstore

Now without further delay let's go to the steps, So my target is to show the state details when I click the hyperlink that will be shown in the tooltip.


  1. Connect to the data source

2. Place the state in detail in the mark pane

3. Change the chart type to map in the mark pane and place the sum(sales) to the color in the mark pane

4.Put the state and sum(sales ) in the label

5.Change the sum(sales) currency format to dollar.

6. Now go to the worksheet menu, there take actions>>from the actions window click on add action>>go to URL

7. In the add URL action window>>select menu>>give a name for the hyperlink .In the worksheet, I want to show details of states when I move the tooltip over the states. so in the URL section of add URL window I have added a wiki link: >>then click insert >>state. Then the URL will be<State>

8. Now when we go over the states, we can see from the tooltip details the wiki link will be shown

9. Click on the wiki link, it will take you to the Wikipedia page with the details of the state

Now to make it more interesting, I will give you guys an extra tip to create a dashboard with a webpage shown when we select a state.

1. Make size: automatic in the dashboard, drag the sheet to the dashboard. Then we will add action from the dashboard menu(make sure it is from the dashboard menu, not from the worksheet menu.)

2. Then add the wiki action to the dashboard action

3. There will be already one action from the worksheet remove it because the new action of the URL will work by selecting the state

4. If we want to see the URL page details in the dashboard itself then, click on the webpage in the objects of the dashboard

5. Then add the wiki URL to the edit URL window

6 Then arrange the dashboard in such a way we want to see the details, when we click the state

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