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How to clear cache in eclipse IDE 2021–06

Have you ever encountered cache issue? I am using eclipse IDE 2021–06 for creating step definition and feature files.

The problem that I have come across recently is, the Run button under toolbar is executing previosuly ran program as default. As a result, I am not able to get missing snippets information after I execute my feature file. Over the period of time run command has all pre-ran file names under RUN dropdown. I have tried many ways to fix this issue.

When I looked into other support blogs, websites, discussion forums the common way to clear cache is

  1. Open Eclipse and navigate to the Window > Preferences.

  2. Scroll down the left-hand panel in the Preferences window and click the Remote Systems drop-down root menu.

  3. 3. Click the Clear Cached Files button in the File Cache window.

4. Press Apply and OK to save your changes and exit out of the Preferences window.

But, the problem is we don’t even have “Remote Systems drop-down” root menu in IDE 2021–06.

I have tried these steps

(a) Installed the plugin in Eclipse Marketplace to get Remote Systems dropdown, but couldn’t succeed.

(b) Cleared history under Files →Recent Files, but couldn’t succeed.

© Built and clean project, but couldn’t succeed.

(d) Cleared cookies, temp files on my machine and rebooted it, but still couldn’t succeed.

But I’ve cleared all cache when I tried to delete all .launch temp files under

Eclipse Workspace →metadata →plugins →org.eclipse.debug.core →launches

Now, Eclipse doesn’t have any old files under run command.

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