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How to create a Dual Axis Chart in Tableau?


A dual axis chart can be used to combine data with two different scales into one graph. This makes it easier to have all of your data in one place in a more simplistic manner. Dual axis charts are used when the variables have different units. For example, a dual axis chart can be used when comparing two different units of measure with different variables i.e. Sales and Profit for the Month.

Tableau is a visual analytics platform which is widely used in order to demonstrate data for different fields. In this blog I will show you how to create a Dual Axis chart for tableau specifically.

In order for you to create this chart according to my steps you will need the tableau platform downloaded in your PC system. Personally, I will be using Tableau public which can be downloaded for free. The Sample Superstore data was used for explanation purposes.

Step 1:

Take your Data Source file and then select a table you want to work on.

Step 2:

Click on sheet .To Create a Dual Axis first we will start with basic chart for Sales and Profit for Month. Take Order date in Column to be sorted by Month, right click on down arrow of order date and select Month. Then take Sales and Profit in Row.

Step 3:

To Create a Dual Axis Chart, right click on sales or profit in Rows and from dropdown menu select 'Dual Axis'.

Step 4:

For more clearer view, let us make it Bar chart from Marks and take Measure Names in Column.

Step 5:

Now you can see Sales and profit by months. Next step is to synchronize the axis. Right click on Axis and select 'Synchronize Axis'.

Step 6:

Now let us see if you want to see Category wise Sales and Region wise Profit. Take Category in Color under Sales Mark and Region in Color under Profit Mark.


In this blog, we learnt how to make dual axis charts in Tableau. Hope this helps you in making these charts in combining different variables with different units and comparing two trends with each other. Thanks for reading!

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