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How to integrate Jira Defects with Jenkins CI/CD tool

Let’s take a look at the steps involved to integrate Jira Defects with Jenkins CI/CD tool.

Step1:Install Jira Plugin in Jenkins

· Go to Manage Jenkins ->Plugins

· Search for ‘Jira’ Plugin and add

Step2 :Create API Token in Jira

· Go To Account Settings->Manage Account->Security

· Click “Create and Manage API tokens”

· Click “Create API token”

· Give any name and click “Create”

· Click “copy”

Step 3: System Configuration in Jenkins

· Go back to Jenkins: Manage Jenkins->System Configuration

· Search for Jira and specify the URL

· Click “Update Relevant Jira Issues For All Build Results”

· Click “Add” under Credentials

· Type “Email address “ used for Jira in “Username”

· Paste the API Token copied from Jira for the Field “Password”

· Write some description then click “Add”

  • Click Credentials Dropdown and look for the Added Description

· Click “Validate “and look for the success

Step4: Go to Configure for any Project

· Click “Save” then click on any Project from Dashboard and Click “Configure”

· Go to Post Build Actions ->Jira: Update relevant Issues and under Issue Selector ->Explicit Selector then mention the Defect ID’s then click ‘Save’.

· After the Build is Run you can see that the Issues in Jira gets the updates of the Jenkins

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