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How to Run Eclipse IDE with Python?

Hello Everyone!!!

This is my Blog . In this Blog , I will explain How we can Run Python on Eclipse IDE. Please follow the below steps:


· Install Java

· Install Eclipse

· Install Python

Step 1: Open Eclipse IDE --> Help --> Install New Software

Step2 : Select PyDev --> Click Next

Step 3 : Review the items and Click Next.

Step 4 :Accept the license agreements and click Finish.

Step 5 : Restart Eclipse

Step6: Go to File--> New --> Others -->Pydev -->PyDevProject -->Click Next

Step7: Give Project Name and configure the interpreter.

Step8: Clicks on Browser for python/pypy.exe

Step9: Give the path of Python (where you installed it).

Step10: Give the interpreter Name --> Clicks OK

Step11: Select all the files and clicks OK

Step12: Click Apply --> Apply and close

Step13: Click Finish

Step14: Project is created on your workspace

Right click on project icon --> New -->PyDev Module

Step15: Create a new Python Module and click Finish

Give the empty template and click ok

Step16:Give any Python Syntax and execute it.

It is ready to use for python based Project.

Thanks for Reading it. Don't forget to give your reviews.

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