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How to share your project to Git from Eclipse

Step1: Go to your Git account , And create a new Repository

Once you created your repository , copy your git repository path.

Step 2:Go to Your Eclipse, And click open perspective button which is in the top right corner of your eclipse.

In the Pop-up choose git option.

Choose Git clone option, which is with the green arrow .

Paste your newly created git repository path here and your GitHub account authentication, click Next

Give your local directory path and then press finish.

Now, you can see your Git repository cloned in to your eclipse.

Step 3:Now, you can create a new project or Already existed project .. right -click on that project , go to team and then choose share project option.

Step 4:After that configure git repository and press finish. Then right click on that project and click commit option.

Which one you want to commit, you can or you can drag all of them to staging changes.

add some commit message and click commit and push button.

After that it will ask authentication details, give your github authentication details click ok.

Go to your repository, refresh and see, your code is successfully pushed in to your github account.

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