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How to test API using SOAPUI?

Welcome to my very first blog.In this blog ,we are going to see API testing using SOAPUI.In this blog we are going to see how to download the SOAPUI and we are going to create a basic manual testing project .

what is soapUI?

SOAPUI is an API testing tool and is created by SMART BEAR company . It is a manual testing tool .First of all ,we will see

How to download and install SOAPUI ?

1. On the browser ,Type or copy paste the URL

2. Now you can see Soapui pro and Soapui open source versions .

3. Click download Soapui opensource button.

4. Download window will open and wait until the installation is properly done .It can take about 2 minute to install.

5. Double click on the download installer ,it will open installing wizard ,give time to complete.

6. In some cases ,the system will ask for permission like "Do you want to make changes to the computer ".In that case you click "yes ".

7. From this point ,you have to keep pressing on "next " button ,Don"t make any changes anywhere ,whatever the default is appearing,just keep going.

8. Finally press finish button .

9. Now 'stay tuned' pop up will appear .

10. Just press the "skip " button ,even it is not highlighted ,it works .

11. Now you can see "end point explorer "just close that window also.

12. Close "Soapui start page "window also.

13. Now you can see the Soapui interface ,in that you can see Menus and Icons .

Creating a soap project:

To create a Soap project we need WSDL document.

WSDL-stands for web service Description language .

Now lets see how to create a basic soap project step by step:

  1. Click on "SOAP" icon ,you can see New soap project will pop up .

  2. We can also done this by clicking "File" menu,in that choose "New SOAP PROJECT ".

  3. It is also done by Right clicking project and chose "New soap project ".

  4. On the "New soap project popoup" copy and paste URL on the Initial WSDL field.

  5. Now project name:"calculator" will automatically get populated and press "ok" button.

  6. Now on the left hand side,you can see Two projects

    • Calculator soap

    • Calculator soap 12

7. Under these two projects we can see modules like Add,Divide,Multiply,Subtract. Here we can use any one of the projects.

8.Click on " +'' symbol on Add,you can see "Request 1".

9.Double click on "request 1".

10.Now you see the API, in the API,you can see Question mark ,it means it is executing mark it means it is expecting an Input.Replace the first Question mark with any number for example "30" and the other question mark with "10".These are the inputs we given .This is called as "Request Window".On the right hand side a new window will open and you can see two vertical Tabs "Raw" and "XML" on XML,so that you output as XML format.You will get answer"40".The window which we are getting output is called "Response window".

Similarly we can do other operations also.

Project 2-How to test BLZ CODES?

Now we are creating another project called "BLZ CODE API".

Bankleitzahl (BLZ code) is a numerical code used to identify financial institution branches in Germany. When sending money abroad, the 8 digits code is part of the IBAN. so for creating a new soap project here also we need a WSDL document and it is given in the form of URL.For getting the WSDL document copy paste the given below url in the browser, .On this page you can find the API needs to be tested.When you scroll down you can find the api in the form of WSDL document in the link

1.Copy the API portal link.Now open the soapui and click on SOAP icon and "New soap project " pop will open up.

2.paste the url on the Initial WSDL field.Project name will be automatically created,you can also change the project name as per your need.

3.A new request window will be opened asking for inputs with Question marks.The inputs need to be given is the BLZ CODES.

4.The BLZ codes are taken from the google search,by typing "list of BLZ codes".

Select any one link from the web page.

List of banks will open,select any one Bank Name,by clicking on it.Now we get the BLZ codes of each bank.

6.These BLZ codes are our Inputs.Copy any one of the code and give inputs on out Request window of soapui.

7.Run the test by clicking the GREEN play button .

8.A New respond window will open and we view the results in RAW format. It can be viewed in the XML format by clicking the xml button located vertically on the respond window.

9.On the Response window,we can see the results with the Branch name of the bank.

This way BLZ codes are tested using Soapui.

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