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How to test Temperature conversion SOAPUI using WSDL?

  • To test a SOAPUI ,first download the SOAPUIopensource from .

  • Once downloading completes create a new SOAPUI using WSDL.WSDL stands for Web services description Language. WSDL is a XML notation for WebServices.

How to create a new SOAPUI for Temperature Conversion?

  • Click the File ,select create new SOAPUI.

  • window will pop

  • Expand the project there is TempConvertSoap.Expand the TempConvertSoap their two options are there.

  • CelsiusToFahreinheit and FahreinheitToCelsius. Both of these have Request1

  • Double click the Request1.

  • Right side two divided screens will open. We have to look where to provide inputs. Left panel give the input in the place of question mark.

  • Execute the XML using greenbutton on the top of left corner.

  • Right side we can see the information.

  • Click the XML button on the right panel as the output will be displayed.

  • If the WSDL not loaded properly then it will show the errors in the right side.


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