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How to use Pie chart& Donut chart in Tableau

Tableau is a powerful and fastest-growing data visualization tool used in the BI industry. For visualization in Tableau using so many charts. One of most charts is Pie and Donut charts.

A Pie chart is a circular statistical graph or visualization. It's divided into slices in numerical proportion. A pie chart can make below 5 items.

How to build a Pie chart

Connect to the Sample super store data sets, drag the category dimension in rows and sales measure to in the columns . Click show me on the Toolbar then select the Pie chart type.

A Donut chart is essentially the same thing except that it has a somewhat smaller circular cutout in the middle and turns the filled pie into a Donut.

How to Build a Donut chart

To create a donut chart in Tableau we need first to know the dimension on which we want to segregate and measure to define the proportion. So in this case category and sales i used.

Connect to sample superstore dataset

open in Tableau Desktop and select the sample superstore data set. Go to sheet 1 and marks pane select type as Pie. Drag the category field to color and sales measure to size & label marks card. Duplicate sales and changed sum to Min and right click 2 nd copy of sales to Dual Axis. Min 2 nd copy in marks card to reduce size of the pie and select white color in middle. Last step right click on each axis and de select show header.

Sample - Superstore
Download XLS • 3.38MB

Differences between Pie chart & Donut chart

A pie chart can do options for comparing the ratio of the angles, ratio of the areas, and length of the outer part.

Donut charts can be easily understood and simple structure to draw. The data values in a doughnut chart can be inserted and changed regarding our needs.

I Hope you like my post !

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