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Importance of Dimensions and Measures in Tableau

Dimensions and Measure in Tableau:

After we import data in tableau, we notice dimensions (on the top), and measures (on the bottom) populate on the left side of our tableau sheet.

Dimensions contain qualitative values like names, dates, geographical data.

Measures, on the other hand are quantitative values like numbers (that can be measured).

When we drag and drop different values in the tableau columns and rows, blue pill depicts discrete values, for example sub category; whereas green pill depicts the continuous value, for example profit.

Discrete values are best displayed as bar chart as they are individually separate and discrete; and continuous values make more sense when displayed as a line chart.

Choosing the header/label or axis will depend on the way we want to visualize the data.

Additionally, when we drag and drop dimensions under colors it gives us individual colors as they are discrete values, whereas if we do the same with measures, it gives us a gradient color (different shades of the same color) as it is continuous and shows us a range.

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