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Integrating Trello with Jira: Board Genius sync and mirroring Powerup

Strong collaboration is crucial to the success of any team and organization” But what if your team can’t agree on which tools to collaborate in?

Sometimes teams within your organization may prefer a tool over another—and that’s OK. Thanks to some powerful integrations, they don’t need to choose! Jira and Trello are two Atlassian tools that integrate dynamically so you and your team can collaborate on work seamlessly.

When To Use Jira + Trello, Together

Here are a few ways that teams can use Jira and Trello in tandem:

When Working Between Software And Business Teams

Lets say your marketing team is working with several teams within the organization to build a new website for your company. The marketing team lives in Trello but the developers and designers use Jira. Neither team has to change their ways to work together when both Trello and Jira are integrated.

When Communicating Progress To Executives And Managers

To communicate the progress to managers and executives, you can create a Trello board that anyone who needs to be informed of progress updates and statuses can use to receive this information.

This allows the team to pull the information, issues, and updates that are relevant for review and approval by executives and management. It also creates a shared space for feedback and questions if the card comments feature in Trello is used

For Brainstorming New Ideas

You and your team may not know what you want the next product iteration to be. You need to put those great ideas and one-off conversations somewhere! Trello is an excellent tool for brainstorms and brain dumps. You can build the board how you please but it helps to turn the Lists into topics and then everyone can add their ideas as cards under each list. After concluding the top choices, these cards can then be turned into Jira issues through this integration . So you and your team can immediately take action on your next big project.

HOW the integration works:

Let’s take an example to understand how integration works. Suppose your team wishes to go on a vacation and they have listed down all the tasks related to this project. But your team members prefer to enter information only in either Jira or Trello. No worries! Trello’s power-up Board Genius sync and mirroring will help us to integrate Trello and Jira.

Before we begin, Let’s create a Board in Trello and add the Lists ‘To do’, ‘In Progress’ and ‘Done’. Then create a new Scrum project in Jira too.

Trello and Jira integration

Trello Board:

1. Open Trello and locate the power-up button in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Click on the power-ups button and click add Power-Ups.

3. A new screen will appear, use the search bar and type in ‘Board Genius’

4. Click on the ‘add’ button under the power-up.

5. Once you’ve clicked on the ‘add’ button, it will ask you to grant access and authorize

6. After authorizing, you will see the below screen

7. Select ‘Sync any card from any list between boards’

8. Select Jira here in this screen

9. Authorize the connection.

1. Enter the URL of your Jira board and connect

2. Authorize in the new browser window pop-up.

10. Select all the Sync options in this window

Important points to note:

  • Description, labels, comments get synced in Trello and Jira, but members, checklists and attachments do not sync.

  • In this you can sync One way or Two-way from Trello to Jira. If your chose one way from Trello to Jira, then the team can move the cards only in Trello and the cards will move automatically in Jira. If your chose Two-way Sync from Trello to Jira, then the team can move the cards only either in Trello or Jira and the cards will move in the other board.

  • It asks the new issues in Jira as Story, tasks, sub tasks, choose carefully depending on your project requirements.

11. After selecting all the options, save changes.

Some waiting time….

Boom – Trello, and Jira are now sharing information. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes.

JIRA Board

Let’s go to Jira Board, all the tasks will now be visible in Backlog. You must start the sprint in Jira to view all the Tasks in Jira Board.

1. Move the issues in Jira to Sprint like the way it is shown here by dragging the dotted line.

2. Then start the sprint by clicking on blue icon’ Start sprint’ on the right. Enter the duration of the sprint and confirm.

3. The sprint starts and the Board in Jira will now reflect all the user stories/tasks in the ‘To do’ list.

Tada! Now, when we move the tasks in Trello, the tasks will move in JIRA too.

Point to Note:

  • Test your synchronization: You must test the workflow synchronization between Trello and Jira. Create a new card or issue to confirm the sync is working correctly. Then, you can safely sync your other cards.

  • Assign the tasks to all the team members in the Jira/Trello Board so that the member can work on their tasks and move them in either of the board so that there is no confusion.

Troubleshoot problems:

  • Added issues after starting the sprint: If after starting sprint you add the tasks in Trello, the user story/tasks would reflect in Backlog in Jira

To add them to the board, you will have to move them to current sprint. But this message will appear

So, make sure before starting the sprint, add all the tasks in Trello/Jira Backlog and then only start the sprint to avoid any scope creep.


Teams must communicate with each other and external stakeholders during every project's life cycle, even when using different software. Trello and Jira are popular project management software options, but they offer even greater functionality when integrated. When you have project teams /departments that must collaborate but are using Trello and Jira, you can seamlessly integrate both and benefit from it. Both Jira and Trello are Atlassian tools that focus on helping teams manage projects and work so they can be used together to unleash the full power of their teams.

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