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LODs in Tableau

Level Of Detail or LODs allow us to compute values at the data source level and the visualization level.

It helps us break down data in more granular level (INCLUDE), less granular level (EXCLUDE), or an independent level (FIXED).

Fixed LODs are used for a specific view.

Include LODs are used for adding more information to a specific view.

Exclude LODs are used for reducing information from a specific view.

On our tableau sheet, first we select Analysis, then Create Calculated Field.

Provide a name to the calculation and include the following expression: {Type [Dimension List] : Aggregate}

Under the type we specify if we use include, exclude or fixed LODs based on what we are trying to achieve.

When using fixed LOD, the results obtained are scalar and it does not consider any other dimensions.

{ FIXED [Region] : SUM([Sales]) }

When using include LOD, we can display a dimension that is not in view.

{ INCLUDE [Customer Name] : SUM([Sales]) }

When using exclude LOD, we can eliminate a dimension that is in view

{EXCLUDE [Region]: SUM([Sales])}

Colon is used to separate the dimension from the aggregate expression.

The different types of LODs are used together to produce desired representation of data.

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