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Manual Test Case for Beginners.

A Test Case is a set of actions executed to validate the functionality of a particular software application.

A good documented testing is always important for the developers before deployment of any software component.

Manual testing allows testers to monitor the quality of a product throughout its development cycle, This helps to maintain their knowledge of the project, which will be useful if any issues occurred.

Before automating, the first and foremost step is to write a manual test case, so manual testing always plays a crucial role in the software development lifecycle.

Basic key points for manual test case should contain

  • Test scenario ID

  • Test scenario Description

  • Test case ID

  • Test Description/ Test Title

  • Steps

  • Test data

  • Pre-condition

  • Post-condition

  • Status

  • Expected results

  • Actual result

  • Comments

Test Scenario ID: Test scenario ID is unique and will make the tester and developer identify and categorize it by Id.

Test Scenario Description: A Test Scenario will describe the functionality of the application to be tested, A single test scenario can cover one or more test cases.

Test Case Id: This field uniquely identifies the test cases, In general a test case is a single step or sequence of steps, to test the functionality or features of an application.

Test Description: Brief summary of test case has to be mentioned in the description

Pre-condition: Preconditions define the setup needed for the particular test case to be executed successfully.

Steps: The action taken is mentioned in detail.

Post Condition: Post condition is where the outcome of an action is described.

Expected result: Expected result is an ideal result that the tester should get after the test case is performed, It’s usually compared with actual result.

Actual result : Actual result is what we get as an outcome of our test. After performing the tests, the actual outcome is compared with the expected outcome.

Status: Under Status it's always a either Pass or Fail for simplicity.

Comments: Mention the comments if needed under the comment section.

Example of Test Case


Keep things straightforward and basic.

Write step-by-step test cases with inputs, action, and expected results.

Include both positive and negative scenarios.

Define clear test objectives and expected outcomes.

Understand the application and the feature being tested.

Collaborate with the team and review the process on every step of development cycle.

Happy Learning :)

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