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MongoDB Or DynamoDB??


NoSQL databases gained fame with increased necessity for more flexible backend solutions. NoSQL databases have become a life-line for applications that require a more flexible data structure unlike traditional structured databases.

Among the wide variety of flavors of NoSQL MongoDB and DynamoDB have become popular robust feature-rich database platforms in today’s software world .

Even though choosing the right database for an application is not an easy task .Let us take a closer look at the two leading NoSQL db’s to make that decision as simple as possible.


MongoDB is an open, non-tabular database built by MongoDB, Inc. MongoDB is, document-based distributed NoSQL database which offers :

  • Production-ready free community version.

  • MongoDB Inc provides direct support for enterprise edition.

MongoDB Atlas is a cloud database. It supports deployment on any major cloud provider and provides guaranteed availability ,scalability while adhering to compliance and security standards. Provision of a free MongoDB cluster for application development is a plus.


DynamoDB is a proprietary NoSQL database by Amazon .It provides support for key-value and document data offered via the Amazon Web Services. Its AWS cloud-only and provides a scalable, highly available, and secure managed database platform for any application.

DynamoDB has limited storage, AWS Free Tier offers free instances for testing and development purposes.


MongoDB Vs DynamoDB Key Differentiating Features :

Even though selection of Database for an application depends on many factors . Let us consider some of the key differentiating features of our leading NoSQL database giants here.

Deployment Environment:

Data Model &Schema:

Querying & Indexing:

Data Integrity:

Monitoring and Performance Tuning:



When to use MongoDB Vs DynamoDB

Organizations that are in the market for a database that supports a wider range of use cases , deployment flexibility and no platform lock-in, would prefer MongoDB.

For example, biotechnology giant Thermo Fisher migrated from DynamoDB to MongoDB

Companies who uses MongoDB are:

  • Uber,Codecademy,MIT,CircleCI.

DynamoDB is considered by Organizations that are:

  • Satisfied with a database that supports relatively simple key-value workloads.

  • Deeply invested in AWS and have no intention to change their deployment environment in future as well.

  • Some companies who uses DynamoDB for their applications are:

Netflix,Medium,Intuit,New Relic.


Although MongoDB and DynamoDB are both solid NoSQL databases, careful consideration is needed while making the DB choice .For an organization aiming for multi-vendor,multi-cloud deployments MongoDB is the best fit . where as in AWS world DynamoDB is the best fit .

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