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POM.XML -Project Object Model

As the name indicates pom.xml file is in xml format, which contains the information about dependencies and plugins.

Lets see where the pom.xml located in our project, for that we need to create a sample maven project in Eclipse IDE.

Open Eclipse IDE->Click on File->New->Project->under the Wizards search box->type Maven->in search result select Maven Project->click on Next->-> select the checkbox of create a simple project ->click on Next -> Give the company name as a Group Id( Like NumpyNinja) and Artifact Id as a project name (like sampleproject) -> click on Finish.

Now our Maven sampleproject is ready with structure

  • Now you can clearly see what we are discussing right (pom.xml) which is located at very last in the project.

  • As a automation tester we need to add some dependencies and plugins required for our automation testing.

  • Maven Repository( this is the place where the dependencies and plugins available.

  • I know you got bored of with the words depedencies and plugins, Now lets see what are these in detail

Dependencies are third party software required for our project, now you could get the doubt about what are third party software.

Third party software is nothing but the software which are developed by different company other than Apache group who developed the Maven build Tool.

  1. Below are the dependencies which automation testers usually add in their projects.

  2. I believe these are the dependencies that automation testers mostly use in any FRAMEWORKS like CUCUMBER,TESTNG,HYBRID FRAMEWORK etc.

  3. These are not only the dependencies that automation tester use we may need to add some other dependencies based on the requirement.

Download PDF • 14KB

  • For any project as a tester we first add the

  • selenium-java dependency ->which allows us to automate the Web Applications.

  • Testng dependency -> helps us to run tests, by grouping the tests using annotations and can generate reports.

  • LOG4J dependency -> help to log output to a variety of output targets. LIKE console or file.

  • APACHE-POI dependency ->helps to read data from excel files.

  • Cucumber dependency->helps to create the framework.

  • allure-testng->helps to generate the reports of our project

Plugin :plugin which is also software that adds additional functionalities of existing software.

plugins mainly used to configure the project .

Take an example of SelectorsHub plugin we usually add to our chrome to help in xpath creations.

Plugins we mostly use in our FRAMEWORKS are maven surefire and maven compiler plugins.

Below are the specified plugins as a tester we use in our projects

  • By using maven-surefire-plugin we can run the multiple testng.xml files at a time.

In Maven Project if you want to upgrade to new libraries or plugins just simply go to pom.xml file and change the version of the dependency or plugin and save it that's it . Maven automatically download and add jars to the project and update the project.

I hope you learn something from this blog.

Very thankful to NUMPY NINJA for giving me this opportunity.

Thank you Sudha.

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