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PostgreSQL Power: Slice of the World Visualizing


Data analysis is like a treasure hunt, allowing us to discover valuable insights hidden within vast datasets. In this blog post, we'll embark on a virtual adventure through a hypothetical DVD rental database. Armed with the trusty PostgreSQL, we'll go on a quest to unveil exciting details about where our customers come from. But don't worry, we won't just throw numbers at you—instead, we'll serve up a delicious pie chart to make our findings easy to digest!

The DVD Rental Adventure

Our dataset is like a box of DVDs, each containing stories of customers, addresses, cities, and countries. Our heroes in this tale are the "customer," "address," "city," and "country" tables.

The SQL Expedition

Our quest begins with a daring SQL query that reveals the top 10 countries with the most loyal customers. We're about to connect using joins, counts, and groupings. Lets navigate through this data:

Pie Chart Magic

But hold onto your hats! Our adventure doesn't stop at numbers and tables. We'll whip up a magical pie chart to visualize our discoveries. It's like turning data into a delicious slice of insight!

Follow these quick steps:

  • Select Pie Chart: Find the option for a pie chart in the tool's menu.

  • Configure the Chart:

Use "Country ID" as the labels.

Assign "Customer Count" as the values.

  • Generate the Chart: Click "Generate" to watch the pie chart appear.

  • Admire the Chart: Take a moment to appreciate the visual representation of our data.


Data visualization brings data to life. Try it out, and let the pie chart tell the story of our DVD rental customer distribution. It's a quick and engaging way to understand the data better. Enjoy exploring!

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