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Postman Monitors

Postman Monitors give you continuous visibility into the health and performance of your APIs. Collection-based monitors enable you to run API test scripts, chain together multiple requests, and validate critical API flows.

Once the monitor is running you’ll be alerted to any test failures, so you can identify and address issues before your API’s consumers are affected.

Please follow the below steps to create a Postman Monitor.

1. In Postman, Click on the three dots next to the collection and then click 'Monitor Collection'.

2. In the 'Create Monitor' tab, Enter the Monitor name, Select the Environment and the data file used.

Also enter the time and day in which the monitor needs to be run, then enter the email id to receive

notifications for monitor test results, failures and errors.

Then click 'Create Monitor' Button.

3. Now click on the 'Monitors' on the side bar.

It will show the monitor that we created.

4. Click on the monitor.

It display the result of the scheduled execution of the collection with all the details

as shown above.

5. Click on each bar graph at the bottom to get failed tests and errors count for

individual runs.

Select 'Console Log' to view monitor run details along with the console.log statements that run as part of your pre-request and test scripts. Run details specify the various stages of a monitor run such as preparing run, running and the run result, along with error and test failure information.

Postman maintains default limits on various team and user actions to ensure the overall performance and availability of monitoring. Postman will email your Team Admins if your team encounters these limits. In addition, team members will get an alert in Postman.Postman maintains the following monitoring limits per team.

  • Maximum number of active and paused monitors: 300

  • Maximum parallel runs of all monitors: 500

  • Maximum parallel runs of a single monitor: 200

By the help of Postman Monitors we can automatically run the test scripts and perform

other test at regular intervals.

Happy Learning!!!

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