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Why did I choose to write about data integrity …I came across this word when I started to learn about SQL and data testing as it was intriguing, I did a little research

What is Data Integrity

Data integrity is the accuracy, completeness, and quality of data as it’s maintained over time and across formats. When creating databases attention needs to be given to data integrity as it ensures that the data maintained would be highest standard of quality

ALOCA Principle

To maintain data Integrity ALOCA principle is followed

Types of Data Integrity

Entity Integrity:

Defines each row to be unique within its table No two rows can be the same

To achieve the same primary key can be defined.

Referential Integrity:

Defines that the foreign key value matches with primary key, if this is not ensured then the foreign key value would have no matching primary key value in primary table which results in orphaned record

Domain Integrity:

Defines the validity of entries for a given column ensuring domain integrity would help us to make sure data type entered for each column is appropriate, rules to define data format, restricting the range of possible values

User Defined Integrity:

Allows the user to apply business rules to the database that aren’t covered by the other 3 integrity

Ensuring data integrity to prevent unintentional changes to information.

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