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Reopening a completed sprint in Jira.

Jira Software is an agile project management tool that supports any agile methodology that involves breaking the project into phases and emphasizes continuous collaboration and improvement. From agile boards, backlogs, roadmaps and reports, all the agile software development project work can be planned, tracked, and managed from a single tool.

A backlog is a list of work items a team plans to complete during a project sprint.

A sprint is a fixed time period (of one week to one month) where a team commits to a set number of issues (work to be done) from their backlog.

Scrum is an Agile product development framework, while a sprint is a fixed-length development cycle Scrum teams use to incrementally develop a product. Sprints are a part of Scrum.

The end of a sprint is usually the time where your team usually includes demonstrations of the work completed during the sprint, followed by a sprint retrospective to analyze where improvements can be made. Once the length of the sprint is over, the sprint is completed manually or with an automation feature enabled in Jira. Then issues and other details in that sprint are neither visible in Board or in the Backlog section. A new sprint should be started and new stories can be added to it. Any remaining issues on the completed sprint can be moved to the backlog of the new sprint.

But there are few times that user accidentally closes a sprint before the panned time of sprint and there is no re-open sprint functionality other than creating a new sprint and re-add issues, re-assign the same tasks from the previous sprint into a new sprint.

Jira Software lets you reopen sprints that have been previously closed. This is a handy feature when:

· You’ve mistakenly completed the wrong sprint.

· You completed the correct sprint, but you want to see the issues, assignees or other details in that sprint again.

To reopen a sprint, you must be logged in as a user with the Jira administrator permissions or a user with the manage sprints permission.

The following are some examples of simple cases where you may want to reopen a sprint, and the results you can expect.

First case -

  • You closed Sprint 1, and there were some completed issues in it.

  • All incomplete issues were moved back to the Backlog.

  • All these incomplete issues are still in the Backlog when you try to reopen Sprint 1.

The expected results will be -

  1. Sprint 1 is reopened successfully.

  2. Sprint 1 contains all the completed and incomplete issues that were in Sprint 1 when it was closed.

Second case -

  • You closed Sprint 1, and there were no completed issues in it.

  • All incomplete issues were moved back to the Backlog.

  • During sprint planning, you moved all of these issues to the future sprint, Sprint 2.

  • You started Sprint 2, and Sprint 2 is a currently active sprint when you try to reopen Sprint 1.

  • The Parallel Sprints feature is enabled.

  • Sprint 1 cannot be reopened because all incomplete issues in Sprint 1 when it was closed are now in the currently active Sprint 2.

The steps to be followed to get Reports feature on in Jira.

When using Software projects, you can find the reports on the left sidebar. If it’s a Classic project, it’s enabled by default and cannot be viewed in the project side bar.

Then, the first step is to add “Reports” in the side project bar that is to the left side of the Jira board.

Select the project you want to work on. Navigate to your desired board if you have multiple boards in the project. On the left of the screen, the project sidebar is a collapsible navigation bar that shows options specific to the project you’re viewing. In that, there is a “Project setting” option that is mostly used by Jira admins and the project managers to edit project details, update permissions and create workflows.

Select “Project” > Select “Board” if you have more than one board created in the project>, Choose “Project setting” from the project side bar > Click the “Features” > Choose “Reports” from the option and check it in > Reports are enabled and added in the project side bar. Go back to project and Reports can be viewed in the side bar.

Next step is Reopening a sprint in Jira

Click “Reports” > in the overview choose “Burndown chart Report” or “Burnup chart Report”, if you are using a Team Managed project.> Click the three dots to the left side of the screen > Choose “Reopen Sprint” > The completed Sprint dialog drop down can display, showing the sprints already completed.” > Click on the sprint you want to reopen. select Reopen in the sprint details page. Once you reopen the sprint, it will be directly moved to the board. In the backlog and board, the reopened Sprint can be viewed.

Images showing steps to Reopen a Sprint in Jira.

The Video demonstrating steps to reopen a completed sprint in Jira.

When a sprint is completed then reopened:

· When a sprint is completed, this event of completing the sprint is recorded in the corresponding Sprint Report.

· When the same sprint is reopened, this event of reopening the sprint will also be recorded in the Sprint Report. However, the report shows the new end date.

· And the last completion date appears as the end date in the Sprint Report.

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