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Salesforce Backup


Salesforce Backup is part of the Salesforce data management and security portfolio. Salesforce backup can automatically create backup copies of your data and allow you to restore in future if needed in just few clicks.  Companies that must protect data integrity and maintain compliance in their Salesforce environment can add the app to their org and activate a backup policy on the same day. With this product, you can protect your company data from user error, bad actors, data loss, and also enhance your company’s security posture.


What can you do with the Salesforce Backup tool?

  • Backup policy configuration: Create and manage a backup policy for your Salesforce orgs. Select as many objects (custom and standard) as you need for data management, compliance, and security.

  • Automatic daily backups: Automatically run daily incremental backups following the initial full backup of your policy.

  • View activity logs: Get the details on backup and restore job status, failures, successes, and error messaging.

  • Specify records to restore: Filter records by date range, preview records to be restored, and restore data within the backed-up Salesforce org.

  • CSV export: Export selected backup data.

  • Security for backup data: Keep backup data encrypted both in transit and at rest.

 Native Salesforce Backup Solutions

Salesforce provides numerous native tools that can be used to back up your data. Most of these tools are manual and will only export your data – they will not restore in the event of data loss.

Data Backup tools

-> Backup & Restore: Salesforce’s most comprehensive backup solution. This is managed package solution which System admin can quickly implement in Sales and Service org.

-> Data Export service: Allows you to perform a manual or scheduled backup of your data via the Salesforce UI. This will organize your data into a set of CSV files.

-> Data Loader: This allows you to export data using the Data Loader. This option requires more manual steps but does give you more control over the data you are exporting.

-> Report Export: A simple way to export data out of Salesforce using the reports interface.


Metadata Backup

-> Change Sets: You can use Change Sets to copy metadata from a Salesforce org to another, such as from production to a sandbox or developer org.

-> Sandbox Refresh:  By refreshing a sandbox, you are essentially taking a fresh copy of your production org.


Third-Party Salesforce Backup Solutions

There are number of data backup solutions offered by partners on AppExchange. Some of these are more comprehensive in that they allow you to automate backups of both your data AND your metadata and provide a mechanism by which to restore that data easily. You can search for these by visiting the AppExchange directly and searching for keyword backup. 



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