Save Time..! Compiled list of free and working WSDL URLs.

A big challenge in learning more about SOAPUI testing is first finding a good publicly available WSDL file for testing. When I wanted to learn SOAP UI testing, I had to spend more than an hour trying to find a couple of WSDL files. Most of the links provided were either not working or not supported. Hence, I decided to compile my own list of working WSDL files. I hope it will benefit other curious SOAP UI Learners like me.


This is a very simple WSDL file which has 4 operations - Add, subtract, multiply and divide. This is recommended for beginners since everything is straightforward.


This WSDL file offers a nice big learning playground. Few of its several services include fetching the country's capital, currency, flag (as jpeg image), phone code etc.


This super simple WSDL file provides just 2 services - to convert a temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. This is recommended when you would like to expand and get an in-depth view of all the structures in the soap project explorer. It will be less confusing given that there are only 2 services.


This is another simple WSDL file which provides 2 services. A numeric which you input will be converted into its number name and dollar amount in words.


This is the "Hello World" WSDL of SOAP UI. Basically, it has just one service where you input your name and be greeted with a hello. :)

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