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Scrum – An Agile Methodology


It is a way of executing software development project management

Agile is iterative and incremental

Agile method promotes a discipline project management that encourages frequent inspection and adaption

In Agile Testers and Developer both work together

The main of this method is fastest and constant delivery to the customers.

Agile Methodologies:


Scrum is the agile development process. The Scrum project is divided into sprints. Each sprints takes 2-4 weeks of time.

Scrum is based on Roles, Artifacts and Ceremonies.


Product owner: Product Owner is responsible for communicating the vision of the

product to the development team. Product owner must also represent the customer’s interests through

requirements and prioritization.

Scrum Master: Scrum master acts as a liaison between product owner and the team . Also helps in achieving sprint goals.

Team: Here the Team is responsible for completion of work. It is the mix of developers and testers.


Product Backlog: The product backlog is a complete list of the functionality to be added to the product. The product backlog is prioritized by the product owner so that the team always works

on it first.

Sprint Backlog: Sprint backlog is set of user stories to be completed in a sprint.

Burndowncharts: This shows the work completed and yet to be completed in a sprint in the form of graph.


Sprint Planning: The team plans for the goals to be achieved during the sprint and prioritize the work.

Sprint Review/Retrospective meeting: The team accomplishment meeting in the last sprint , usually 2- 4 hours.

Dailyscrum Meeting: During Daily Scrum, the members will discuss the goals completed in the previous day, the planned work for the next day and issues faced during the sprint

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