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Selenium WebDriver Installation

Selenium is an open source, automated testing tool used to test web applications across multiple web browsers. It's primarily built in Java and supports several browsers and programming languages.

Download and install JAVA

Assuming you have already installed the latest version of JAVA and have successfully configured everything, to run and compile java program. However, you should also download JDK also for moving forward for the upcoming execution of programs.

Download and configure ECLIPSE IDE

Download directly from the eclipse official website and navigate through the download packages section and get "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers".

Download Selenium WebDriver

  • Download the latest version of Java version of selenium from the download section, extract the files and save it in the folder.

  • The downloaded file would be in zipped format . Unpack the contents in a convenient directory . It contains the essential jar files required to configure Selenium WebDriver in Eclipse IDE.

Configure Selenium WebDriver

Now to configure our Eclipse IDE with Selenium WebDriver . In simple terms, we will create a new Java Project in Eclipse and load all the essential JAR files in order to create Selenium files.

  • Launch Eclipse IDE

  • Create a new Java Project File -> New -> Java Project

  • Give Project Name "Demo_test" (always a good practice to have project name in lower case ) and then press "Finish".

  • It will create a new Java project .

  • Right click on the "src" folder and create a New Class File New - > Class

  • Give Class Name as "First " (always have class name starting with Upper case) and then click "Finish"

  • Now lets add selenium jar files in our project

  • Right click on the project and select "Properties" and select "Build Path"

  • Add external Jar files from the download selenium file folder

  • Add the libraries from the selenium files

  • Add the other library files from the Libs Folder as well, Apply and close

  • While completing a new folder "Referenced Libraries" will be created with all the added libraries.

Hence , we have successfully configured Selenium WebDriver in Eclipse IDE.

Happy Testing!! ;)

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