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SOAP Web Services & REST Web Services

Web Services can be categorized into two types

  • SOAP Web Services

  • Rest Web Services


  • Full form is Simple Object Access Protocol

  • XML based message protocol

  • It uses WSDL for communication between consumer and providers

  • It supports XML-coded messages over a transport protocol such as HTTP,SMTP.

SOAP Message Structure

Representation of Sample Message:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:tem="">









Envelope:It identifies the XML document as a SOAP message.

Header: The Header section can contain meta data about the message.

Meta data is "data that describes data". A SOAP message does not have to contain a Header.

Header elements make it possible to extend the base SOAP protocol, to accommodate needs that the

SOAP specification does not include.

Body:It is mandatory element, that contains request and response information

Fault: When a message is rejected, the server generates a Fault, or error message.

Faults are commonly caused by unrecognizable header fields, messages that cannot be authenticated, or problems that occurred when the server attempted to invoke a method or process the message.

Note: Header and Fault are optional elements.


  • Full form is Representational State Transfer

  • It is an Architectural style Protocol

  • It can access using Uniform Resource Identifiers(URIs)

  • It uses XML Or JSON to send and receive data

  • It mainly uses HTTP &HTTPS protocol.

client sends an HTTP request to Webserver, similarly Webserver sends an HTTP response for the same .

For communications it uses various HTTP methods as shown below:

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