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Welcome to my first blog post! My first blog post is about SoapUI.


SOAP is the acronym for Simple Object Access Protocol. SoapUI is a tool which can be used for both functional and non-functional testing. It is a tool used in web services testing.

SoapUI is rich in the following five aspects

· Functional Testing

· Security Testing

· Load Testing

· Protocols and Technologies

· Integration with other tools

How to use SoapUI for calculator project?

Let use calculator WSDL file as an example.

1) First paste the WSDL file and give the project name, then click on OK.

2) Calculator project is created in SoapUI.

3) Now click on the downward arrow of Add. Request 1 appears.

4)Question mark symbol appears(?). Where we must give the numbers for calculating.

5)Give the numbers for adding and click on play button.

6) Finally click on the XML to get to the result. This steps can be repeated for all the arithmetic operations.

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