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Solving the error: Couldn’t load plugin class: io.qameta.allure.cucumberjvm.AllureCucumber JvM

By Gayathri Vimalan

I received multiple request to write a blog on solving “Couldn’t load plugin class: io.qameta.allure.cucumberjvm.AllureCucumberJvm” error. I believe it is going to help whoever stuck with this error.

In my Cucumber project, I was also getting the following error, cucumber.runtime.CucumberException: Couldn’t load plugin class: io.qameta.allure.cucumberjvm.AllureCucumberJvm

I verified the dependencies and everything looked alright. Then I found that the Environment variables is missing the necessary settings.

Also, if you want to take the Allure Report, the dependency version in pom.xml and the Allure plugin mentioned in Cucumber Options at Test Runner should be the same.

For example:

I hope it helps!!!

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